Hello readers,

How has Halloween passed us already? Did you guys get time to carve out or decorate any pumpkins, you may have seen from our social media, as a team we always love to get together and have a good laugh. We did just that on the night of Halloween when Megan brought a bunch load of pumpkins for everyone to decorate and take home. This was followed by pizza and a jump of your seat movie night with popcorn.

With halloween and fireworks being done and dusted, we can now crack on and prep for the buildup to the festive season. Who doesn’t love the madness of Christmas? It’s a time when we share experiences, stories, time and gifts, giving to others and enjoying the opportunity to be together.

At Divine, we have our salons to deck out, and a fantastic Christmas party night coming up! We normally all come together and have a feast and exchange gifts. We attempt to play a game of secret santa but I actually don’t think the staff know the meaning of secret! Everyone ends up helping and knowing everyone’s person. But it’s still really good fun!

At the salon we start preparing for Christmas. We will be opening later and extending our hours to fit most clients in.
We are all so excited for Christmas this year and by the sounds of it our clients are looking forward to it too.

Speaking about gifts…if your still stuck for ideas our gift certificates solves every dilemma. Why not treat someone to a stunning gift certificate. What better gift than the gift of self-care. They can enjoy the wide range of popular treatments we offer at the salon. This can be purchased over the phone, in the salon or via our website.

Finally, following on from last month’s blog, we are a FINALIST for the following awards at the Beauty and Aesthetics Awards 2023 which takes place next month.

• Divine Upton for Best Salon Décor
• Myself for Best SPMU Artist

I am so thrilled, a huge thank you to Beauty and Aesthetics for selecting us, it goes to prove with hard work we can achieve anything! Just to be considered and put through for Best Salon Decor and my Semi Permanent Make Up work is truly amazing. I couldn’t take all the credit, I had my amazing friend Eloise from Chalk at Castle Ashby help me design the interior. From the ceilings to the floor and every inch of the building. Shes been such a big part of my journey in the salon in Upton. So I would like to say THANK YOU for her incredible eye for detail and being a good friend.

Let’s bring on December and get booked ladies! Click here or give us a call on 01604 721732 for Abington salon or 01604 471731 for Upton salon to get booked in for your treatments with us! This is our busiest month, and everyone is wanting to book their Christmas nails in for the big day so get booking people.

I look forward to seeing you soon, take care!

Thanks for reading!

Mai x