Hello everyone,

Happy December! December has always been the most exciting and wonderful time of the year for me. I just love how the energy changes, as soon as you see the slight sight of Christmas decorations that start right after Halloween.

2023 is almost over, this year has been a crazy one for us. It’s been on the go and I haven’t stopped and rested properly, I am so looking forward to the holidays to rest, spend time with my family and recharge my batteries, ready for the new year and take on 2024.

Our recent Christmas party was a success, everyone was in the festive spirit with yummy food and drinks flowing, playing classic pass the parcel games, the room was filled with so much laughter and jokes that it was amazing to be out of the salon and getting into the festive cheer.

Exciting news was earlier this month we won 2nd place for best salon décor at the Beauty and Aesthetics Awards 2023. I am so chuffed and thrilled as this is a true celebration of our industry and how far we have come. Only 10 made it through as a finalist and coming in the top 10 in the UK and taking 2nd place is such an achievement for us to be proud of.

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As the  end of the year draws closer, the Divine team and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for being a wonderful client, our sincere gratitude goes out to you for another year of support, wishing you a fabulous Christmas and a prosperous New Year, let’s wrap up 2023 on a high and here’s to 2024!

I look forward to seeing all your lovely faces in the New Year.

Stay blessed and take care!

Happy Holidays!

Mai x