PhiSombré Brows


More and more clients today are looking for new eyebrow drawing techniques that will allow them to achieve the fullest, but also, the most natural look of their eyebrows. Phi­Som­bré Brows is a unique tech­nique of eye­brows shad­ing per­formed with Per­ma­nent Make-up de­vice. Pig­ments are used to achieve very nat­ural ‘soft powder‘ ef­fect and to create a fuller, three-dimensional and hyper-realistic eyebrow look.

Phi­Som­bré can be de­scribed as a kind of art in Per­ma­nent Make up where the artist will learn how to work with a colour ac­cu­rately, grad­u­ate with the shades and work in lay­ers to achieve a very nat­ural re­sult. This way of shad­ing gives the most nat­ural soft re­sult which re­places a daily make up and saves time for our clients. Colour is the most important mean of the expression, nevertheless it is subjective, it makes a very noticeable psychological effect. For this reason, painting is based on the colour tones ratio. We are creating the reality using shadows gradation. In this way the volume appears in a plain sheet of paper. If this would be performed in a wrong way the asymmetry would appear, or the existing one would become more visible. So the gradation of the colour has to be very precise.

There are two shading techniques found in art:
Ombre – When different colours are used and they gradually shift from one into other.
Sombre – When the gradation of the colouring is done by using just one and same colour.

Nowadays trends made ombre technique very popular in the beauty industry – nails, hair colouring same as Sombre but for more natural and not so decorative result.


We do not wax or take off ANY existing eyebrows. We will tidy the area but do not remove the whole eyebrow. We recommend clients to attend with freshly washed hair this is due to the implications of the aftercare of your brows that you cannot get them wet as this may affect the healing process. A patch test is required to test the ink allergy. Please come at least 1 hour or days before your appointment for the test which we will then scratch your skin area behind your ear with the tool and apply some pigment into the skin.

We recommend that you cannot tint your eyebrows for at least 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after as this may affect the healing process. We recommend 6–12-month top ups but it depends on the individuals healing. Your enhancement may be left looking slightly swollen, red, bolder and darker and may take longer than expected, therefore we advise you not to make any social plans on the day of your procedure.

2 days prior Do not take aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen (do not discontinue any medication before consulting your doctor).

- No alcohol
- Lower caffeine intake
1 week prior - No waxing and threading
2 weeks prior - No Botox
4 weeks prior - Do not use AHA skincare products, 1% retin a or chemical peels close to the area to be treated for 4 weeks prior to your procedure.
- Eyebrow tinting should not be performed 4 weeks prior to your procedure
A doctor’s note is required if you have the following: - Diabetes Type 1&2
- High Blood Pressure
- Heart Conditions
- Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy
For any other medical conditions please let us know prior, as we can decline your appointment on the day.
The procedure cannot be carried out if you have the following: - Roaccutane (please wait 6 months after you’re off the medication to have a procedure)
- Are Pregnant or Nursing
- Haemophilia

You will be sent a consultation and medical form prior to the procedure via email.


  • First 3 days after the treatment (first day counts as the treatment performance day) wash eyebrows every 1 hour (more often if needed) with water and neutral soap. Dry it gently and apply VERY thin layer of ointment (skin candy) (wash hair and face carefully).
  • Starting day 4 was eyebrows till scabs peel of 3/4 times a day gently not to remove the scab, Apply ointment after every washing. Do not apply Bepanthen!
  • Do not do any facial treatments (laser, IPL etc) for at least 30 days.
  • No sun baths or sunbeds for at least 30 days.
  • No active sports and no swimming in public waters for 1 week.
  • Touch the treated area only with clean hands.
  • Avoid dust.
  • Avoid excessive sweating.

First 36 hours are most important for the skin to keep the pigment in or to reject, so the aftercare need to be followed as given.


As the aftercare is very important for the result (about 60%), the quality of the skin remains the crucial factor for good healing and colour durability. The day of your procedure, please don’t apply anything to the enhancement until the following morning.

Days 1-10 Follow these strict instructions for 10 days cleaning and creaming once in the morning and then once in the evening.

Step 1: Using warm water, dampen 2 cotton pads, squeeze excess water, pressing and dabbing through each brow.
Step 2: Dry with ADDITIONAL cotton pad.
Step 3: Apply a rice grain size of aftercare cream on to each brow, using a clean finger or cotton bud, massage it through lightly.
Avoid for 10 days - Do not get your brows wet.
- Avoid any activity, including exercise, that may cause you to sweat.
Avoid for 14 days - Do not apply any makeup, creams or any other products directly on the brows or close to the brow area.
- No sunbeds or direct sun.
- No pools, saunas or steam rooms.
- No tinting or hair removal/IPL.

Some itching is normal. DO NOT PICK, PEEL OR RUB your enhancement as the colour may heal unevenly and you could risk infection, which in turn could lead to scarring. Allow the colour to flake away by itself.


Are your eyebrows in need of correction work? Whether they are saturated with old pigment, darker than you want or have blue, pink, orange or grey tones that require additional cover up, we are here to help. Please give us a call prior to booking so we can discuss your treatment plan. In most cases correction work can be done on the day of your ombre blush brow procedure and will possibly need more than the basic 2 sessions. Any correction work an extra fee is added on the original price.

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