About Phi Brows Royal Artist Mai

I am Mai, a qualified PhiBrows Royal Microblading Artist. I qualified under the guidance of world renowned PhiAcademy Grand Master Dovile Zilinskaite in 2014.

Following my initial qualifications I wanted to hone my skills even further so I went on to complete Advanced Perfection Training with Master Vilma  Karaliute. In 2015 I then trained in PhiContour with Grand Master Thorsten Kreiling and Master Kerstin Ellmer to study lips, eyeliner and ombre brows. To become the 1st PhiContour Artist & 1st PhiBrow Royal Artist in Northampton. However, still so eager to learn, I furthered my knowledge and skills with Master Agnes Permanent Make Up to advanced lips and ombre brows. Studying new techniques, new ways of improving myself and to keep up to date with the latest trends and pigments in the market. The right training path was so important to me as I wanted to learn from the best in the country.

My background is nails and beauty industry for over 10 years, being the director of the Divine I decided to follow my dreams and achieve my life goal of becoming a top Microblading Artist. My own passion began when I had the procedure myself with someone who trained with PhiAcademy.

The quality of work was phenomenal and the difference it made to me aesthetically and emotionally was life changing. I now wish to give you all that very same feeling. As a result of learning from the best, you can have every confidence you will leave me with the perfect brows you have always wanted.

What is microblading?

What is PhiBrows?

PhiBrows is a manual skill of semi-permanent eyebrow drawing. Shape of the eyebrows is calculated according to the golden intersection (phi 1.618) and face morphology. The pigment is applied into the surface layer of the dermis using sterilised tools. The pigment is chosen so to match the natural hair or eyebrows’ colour. After the healing, the colour may become several tones lighter to fit the natural hairs’ colour.

What tools and products are used?

Treatment is performed with disposable sterile tools (PhiBrush), and pigments are produced in accordance with the highest standards (PhiBrows Microblading Pigments).

How long does the colour last?

The semi-permanent colour duration primarily depends on how oily the skin is. The oilier the skin, the shorter the colour lasts. Sweating and sun exposure also reduce colour fastness. On average, expected time until a new colour refreshment is between 12 and 18 months. With oily skin it is up to 6 – 12 months.

How do I ensure I get a successful treatment?

The success of the treatment depends on the:

  • skin quality
  • post-treatment flow and care
  • exposure to different external factors

All of these factors are out of the artist’s control, so any possibility to provide guarantees for the treatment is excluded. The skin must not be in the inflammatory process or the process of healing and regeneration before each treatment.

Who is not suitable for the procedure?

Microblading is not suitable for the following candidates:

  • Using Accutane
  • Have heart conditions or using heart medications
  • Have diabetes (will require a physician’s note)
  • Have skin disease or irritations
  • Have had Botox in the last 2 weeks
  • Have gotten a deep tan or chemical peels in the last 2 weeks
  • History of Keloid Scarring
  • Anyone who has any serious medical conditions may require a physician’s note.
  • Nursing clients who want to microblading can be done at your own discretion. We suggest discussing with your doctor first. Microblading is still considered a tattoo, and just like with wine or sushi consumption, it is a personal choice to do so during this period.

What steps should I follow after my treatment?

Post-treatment flow makes 70% of the treatment’s success. Consistency and following after care is very important, as if not you may lose up to 80% of drawn strokes. Rinsing and applying creams is of great importance.

A little pot of Skin Candy will be given to you plus a Phi Wipe at the end of your appointment.
30 minutes after the procedure use your Phi Wipe to wipe over your brows, you will see some pigment come off, this is good.

  • Apply a little Skin Candy every 1-2 hours for the first 2 days
  • Then apply every 2-3 hours on day 3 to 4
  • Then apply every 3-4 hours on day 5 to 6
  • Then apply once a day on day 7 to 9

If your skin is oily then after 4 days you do not need to keep applying the Skin Candy.

What techniques are used to create my brows?

Symmetry is achieved through PhiBrows application and it is calculated while the clients’ eyes are closed because in that way, mimetic muscles can affect eyebrows’ symmetry when the eye are open so it is better achieved when the eye are closed and muscles are relaxed. Strokes are always drawn in the direction of natural hairs’ growth to achieve hyper-realistic look. This is the most natural look to achieve the perfect brows.

Will I need any corrections?

Correction is redone in a month after the treatment, as a result of the healed results the Microblading would have faded or disappeared between 10% and 15% after the first treatment. After the treatment, colour is extremely dark during the first 5 to 7 days. 7 days later, it loses 40 to 50% of its intensity. If you think the colour is too dark, do not try to remove it yourself by no means. Patiently wait 7-14 days for the colour to fade on its own after the healing of the skin.

How long does it take to heal?

The healing is fully completed after 28 days and this is when we perform an obligatory addition of the pigment that has been lost. With problematic and oily skins, we can have several additions (corrections).

Is there anything I need to do/avoid before treatment?

The following treatments are not recommended 30 days before the treatment:

  • botox and fillers
  • fruit or milk acids
  • laser treatments
  • chemical peelings
  • exposure to strong sunlight

What is required to carry out the treatment at Divine?

  • A minimum of 24 hours patch test is required.
  • A £50 Non refundable deposit is required to secure your appointment.
  • 48 hours notice to rearrange your appointment. Any later notice will result in lost of deposit.

What should I avoid after my treatment?


  • Do not get your eyebrows wet for 7 days, and avoid steamy baths during this time too
  • Do not wear any brow makeup for 14 days
  • Avoid increased sweating for 7 days, high energy sports for 7 days and swimming for 14 days
  • Avoid saunas and Jacuzzis for 14 days
  • Avoid any laser or chemical treatments or peels, and/or any creams containing Retinol/Retina A’s or Glycolic Acid on the face or neck for 30 days
  • Do not pick, peel or scratch your eyebrows during healing
  • Avoid smoking and excess alcohol during the healing process

Pay With A Smile

I am proud to offer a Pay with a Smile Program. Joining PhiBrows I have been honoured to be part of this program to give back to the community and world.

Success, work, and business only make sense if they are shared with others!

What is Pay With A Smile?

Pay With A Smile is an offer for all women who due to the fight against Cancer or Alopecia their natural eyebrows are lost. This is a service which I will do for FREE while the client in return will Pay With their Smile.

Life is a circle – It’ s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

Contact us for reservation of your free treatment or if you know anyone who has suffered from this please get in contact with me.


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PhiBrows Microblading

PhiBrows is a technique of semi permanent drawing of eyebrows with hyper realistic results. Microblading is good for people who have over plucked over the years or want more volume & shape.

Microblading Consultation (30 mins)


Microblading (2-2.5 hours)


Microblading and Shading (2.5 hours)


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*Prices may differ depending on healing results. Consultation is highly recommended before booking.

**All microblading appointments must be booked over the phone.

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