The beauty industry keeps moving with the times, especially semi-permanent makeup. Over the years, listening to my clients I realised there was either or all that they wanted was a soft powder or full makeup look with their brows. So, jumping on the bandwagon I’m so excited to announce I have brought in 2 stunning new brow trends to Northampton adding to my already growing list of services in this brow business.

What is the difference between PhiSombre and Ombré Blush Brow®️?

PhiSombre is a very natural soft powder makeup effect leaving you with a soft, airy and fluffy look and the Ombré Blush Brow®️ result is a full wake up to make up look. When it heals, it looks like you have got makeup on your eyebrows 24/7 so it looks great with or without makeup.


I chose Phi academy again because they brought in excellent level of training, their training is so intense and full on hence why I decided to train with them. I learnt so much from Phi academy by bringing this new technique into the business and one should never neglect the importance of learning. When you learn from the best, you become one of the best.

The quality and precision of Phi techniques are internationally recognizable, which opens our way to clients who put quality over price.


The Ombré Blush Brow®️, I chose them because Clarissa’s work seems phenomenal online, I went to see her for 1 day’s training as I was already advanced and she gave a look the other clients wanted to have as well.

I wanted to keep up with the latest brow trends and learn more about brow mapping and brow colours and offer the best services in my field, Clarissa taught me all these and not only can I do brows now, I can also do the correction of the colour so if the brow goes blue, green, orange or pink I can now correct it.

Want to switch your brow game up, click here or give us a call on 01604 721732 for a free consultation with me.

Mai x