My name is Megan Fleck, I’m a supervisor and nail technician at Divine Nails & Beauty Studio.

When I first joined Divine, I was 19 years old with level 3 qualifications in beauty and massage. I finished my course feeling “meh” I still didn’t know what to do or if this was the path I wanted to take. Feeling like this left me so confused, I was unsure if the beauty industry was the route I wanted to go down.

I saw a receptionist role being advertised and my family encouraged me to apply hoping it would give me some insight to make my choice. In the beginning I enjoyed the job. Delivering good customer service and assisting the girls was demanding but fun. Developing relationships with employees and clients really helped boost my confidence. The atmosphere in the salon was always fun and I always looked forward to coming to work.

After one year in my receptionist role, I always found myself watching and admiring all the nail technicians’ results. I became truly inspired, I knew nails was what I wanted to pursue. I told Mai this and asked her if she’d be willing to train me. I was nervous asking her as I wasn’t even there for long and wanted to change positions! She didn’t hesitate and my training commenced quickly. With everyone watching over me and guiding me in my training I developed my skills. I began with gel nails, manicures and pedicures. I got this fast as I did this in college.

My next goal was to master acrylics. That was a challenge! I felt like the team was on repeat and repeat. My mentors were constantly on my back and pushing me to a level I never knew I could achieve. I’m quite quiet, I like to observe and deliver. Through this, I managed to perform treatments on clients after 8 months. Yes, 8 months of intensive training it took me.

The nail industry develops rapidly and is tough to keep up with, but with a team around me so willing to teach their knowledge I succeeded.

My goal will always be to become the best Nail Technician in the salon. All the girls are super talented so I would say there’s no best person but the best team!

My next stage is then accomplished. I take a seat in the management team! What a whirlwind ride! 3 years and the opportunity to join the management team arose and I saw a chance to develop myself in other areas. This is my newest chapter at Divine and am so thankful to have the amazing mentors guiding me through it. I became the supervisor of Divine, to assist Tuyet and Mai and help teach and support my fellow colleagues.

I am so thankful for the Divine family and cannot wait to see what else my future here holds.

Thanks for reading!

Megan x