Divine Nails & Beauty Studio was founded in 2010, it soon became part of the local community and with the growing demand of new and existing customers I saw the opportunity to grow and expand my business with that said, fast forward to 2018 a fantastic opportunity came when the unit across the road became available and I knew the time was right. Divine Beauty Studio opened its doors to welcoming reception.

Having two salons opposite each other has been to our advantage. The reason why I chose to have the salon opposite each other and not across town was because it made it possible that I can be in 2 places at once, showing my customers it can be done as they were always laughing about it and saying, “How can you be in 2 places at once!”.

Russell came up with the brilliant idea of walkie talkies for us to communicate with each other more efficiently, this eliminated us having to cross over the road all the time and to be fair it was so much fun as the team enjoyed their new toy.

I have 1 salon manager Tuyet and 1 salon supervisor Megan who both help me operate the salon when I am not there or while I am upstairs doing brows, this has enabled me to have more flexibility to focus on other areas of the business.

At Divine, we offer extensive range of treatments and some of the team offering acrylic nails, gel polishes, beauty treatments, lash extensions, semi-permanent makeup services and tattoo removal.

I’m fortunate to have a great team behind me, who are a crazy bunch of girls they bring a fun atmosphere to the salon with lots of laughter and banter, it’s just one big family here. My girls are fully qualified with the services they offer and as experienced professionals, I pride our team will ensure you are given the best advice and service, making each client feel special the moment they walk through the door. We offer a wide range of drinks available in our salon: tea, coffee, water and squash, catering to everyone’s needs, making it a perfect way to unwind after one of my team has pampered you making you feel fabulous providing you with an experience to remember.

My final dreams have come true, nothing I have expected to happen, but it did, we have won an award for the Best Nail Salon in Northampton, we won this for 4 years running now from 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 by ThreeBestRated. The team and I are so proud of what we have achieved together and never thought this could happen.

Feel free to browse through our images in the Gallery page, check out our reviews online or come in and see for yourself by clicking here or call us on 01604 721732 to make a booking!

Finally, some people succeed because they are destined but most because they are determined!

Thanks for reading!

Mai x