Hello everyone,

It’s been 3 months since my last blog post, how time just flies! Sorry I’ve been so quiet on here, I was doing so well publishing a blog every month, believe me, it has been on my mind, but I just could not get the time or myself to sit down and write. That being said, I’ve had a super busy last few months with the grand opening of our 3rd salon in Upton and settling in for business, as well as managing the other two salons.

Now I can breathe, have a cuppa, sit back and reflect on the last 3 months. I can tell you it was a fantastic and successful grand opening with many new and existing clients coming to visit us. It’s incredible to see how welcoming the community in Upton has been with us. Wouldn’t have the day any other way, couldn’t have asked for a better team as everyone played a role to make the day run successfully. I even made it onto our local chronicle and echo, if you have not seen the article yet, here’s the link for it https://www.northamptonchron.co.uk/news/people/in-pictures-northampton-salons-brand-new-third-location-now-open-after-stunning-refurbishment-4169778

The lead up to the grand opening, my husband and I was feeling over whelmed seeing the finishing line. The day couldn’t be drawing any closer. Time was ticking and still so much had to be done. We had from 2019 to plan, how much more time did we need? Late nights till early hours of the morning, with very little sleep were part of our routine now.

The launch day | I decided to wear a beige suit and not a dress. Blazers are definitely trending right now and it makes the outfit look professional. With the newspaper coming in, I thought I’d make a bit more effort. The staff was all dressed in uniform and looked happy and professional to be part of a big team with great talent.

The morning of the grand opening, I prepared a team speech to welcome new staff joining us and congratulate the existing staff for holding the Fort while I’ve been busy. Team meetings for us are important to me to express and communicate any changes or adjustments for the future. Our plan and mission for the launch day was to have fun and embrace great team efforts with our clients.

I’m very fortunate to have a team where we all get along and value each individuals skills. With the hiring glasses, caterers, videograpers, social media teams and photographers coming in we needed to relax and enjoy the moment. We ate and drank together and discussed any possible options to help me run the day efficiently.

Our doors opened to the public from 2pm to 6pm. I had mix emotions that were running through me that was unimaginable.
Nervous, Yes
Anxious, Yes
Tired, Absolutely
Excited, 100%
Fear, No

I’ve learnt over the years, whatever happens its destined to happen. I’ve been blessed with family and love so what can possibly go wrong. So much time and effort has been put into today and I just had to let the day roll.

Food was delicious, I opted for little appetizers by Castle Ashby The Deli.
Drinks were flowing and going down like a treat.
We had a full packed salon by 2.30pm all the way to 6pm.

The day was a success and heart warming congratulations. Some came who didn’t know me and some came in that have known me since I first opened Divine back in 2010. I’m so grateful for everyone that came to support me and made it an unforgettable occasion. Thank you for showering us with beautiful gifts.

Your lovely gesture made me smile with love and gratitude.

I would like to personally mention the local businesses that have supported me
Bloombox Events for the gorgeous balloon display outside
Tangerine Red for their expertise and skills for our signage internal and external
TPro Creative Media for our videos and capturing the moment
Emily Bushell for our social media photos
Abi Chowney Digital for our internal design and logos
Eloise Davis At Castle Ashby Chalk for help on the interior design she is so talented and has a great eye.

So there it is. Now, we are open the first 3 months have had some hiccups, no phoneline, no Internet, no pricelist but its all been pretty good and well.

We are now all settled and running like a good ship. I hope to be seeing more of Upton and the new clients but I will be making arrangements to be in both salons over certain days.

If you haven’t visited us yet or are around the area please pop into Upton and say hello to us, even better if you’re having a treatment with us, as I have been told many times the vibe is different to our Abington salon so why not come in and experience it for yourself.

We offer many services in Upton from nails, pedicure, lashes, beauty treatments, massages, and semi-permanent makeup.

We are pleased to announce we are doing Aesthetics, please welcome Karen from K Aesthetics to our team, who specialises in enhancing natural beauty using non-surgical methods. Fully qualified and insured. Highly trained in facial anatomy and skin on the face to recommend customised treatments to help skin concerns. Services include Anti-wrinkle injection, Dermal filler, Skin boosters, Vitamin injection and much more. Please click here for all bookings with her and don’t forget to like her page @k_aesthetics222.

Click here or give us a call on 01604 721732 for our Abington salon or 01604 471731 for our Upton salon to get booked in for your treatments with us!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks for stopping by here.

Mai x