Get ready for with our Decleor Facial Kits!

During these times our skin can really suffer. The monthly relaxing skin facials are just a distant memory now resulting to your skin feeling dull, dry and lifeless.
Do you ever feel like you need ME time? Just complete peace? Or to get out again and feel like normal? Don’t worry you’re not alone.

Taking time out for yourself is so important for you mentally. Although, we seem to have plenty of time now, but we are still working from home, worrying about bills, seeing the same 4 walls everyday or being a busy mum or taking care of family. Whatever your lifestyle is now, we all need to make sure we stay grounded for our mental well being.

Here are 5 ways to spend time caring for yourself, it will make you feel so much better.

  1. Stay connected with your friends and family.
  2. Talk about worries or be there for others.
  3. Do things you enjoy.
  4. Limit your social media.
  5. Look after your body and mind.

So, we thought what better time to release our Decleor Facial Kits. It’s the perfect opportunity and is a great idea for some ME time to boost your mental health.

A mini facial kit that can brighten your skin and be a step closer to feeling the ambience of our salon in your own home.
We customise kits according to your skin type. It is packed with everything you need including a step by step of what to do and how long to leave the products on. It even includes some massaging tips!

Why we choose Decleor?
Decleor is a lovely range that we selected in 2018. Decleor is a French brand which is renowned for their Essential Oils, that is a powerful formula to re-unite beauty, health and wellness.
We wanted to use a brand that was organic and vegan friendly which, this company thrives on. The products smells gorgeous and you will definitely fall in love with one of their product that suits you.
We are now one of the salons that stock Decleor products and is available for retail which a new venture for us. Should you want more information to purchase other products or the kits please contact us. [email protected]

We honestly can’t wait to reopen, our Decleor therapist are awaiting you…

Leaving you with a reminder of the facials we offer at Divine

Decleor Discovery Facial (30 mins) – £40
A world famous “taster”. When your short of time but want to bring back an irresistibly healthy complexion, this is the perfect rescue remedy for radiant skin.

Hydra Floral Facial (30 mins) – £30
This will reduce the appearance of dark spots, refining your skin to reveal it to be brighter and a radiant complexion with the Hydra Floral range.

Vitamin Glow Facial (70 mins) – £55
Decleors signature facial that simply melts away stress thanks to five deeply relaxing massage techniques and the ideal rebalance aromatic elixir for your complexion. Our luxurious products will cocoon your skin, providing the perfect results for it to flourish. Skin is deeply cleansed perfectly, replenished and leaves a glowing vitality.

Matt & Pure Facial (75 mins) – £80
This mattifying facial targets spots, blemishes, open pores and excessive shine. Includes a balancing and deeply oxygenating power mask to bring instant clarity to dull, devitalised skin and in a three stage massage ritual which, intensively relaxes and refines uneven texture.