If you’re reading this blog, welcome back!

April is meant to be here, but during the past few weeks it’s been madness as it has been sunny, rainy, windy, cloudy and snowy. I just can’t keep up with the weather as I have never had it snow on my birthday before. Climate change is real, we really need to take global warming a lot more serious.

Something exciting for the kids is coming up… Yes you guess right with Easter right around the corner, how many of you celebrate Easter and end up with so many chocolate easter eggs by the end of it? Seriously, the kids and I get a lot of easter eggs it’s no joke. I have 4 kids and a whole salon full of girls, imagine all those eggs received, it’s not good when I’m trying to lose weight and it’s not doing anyone any favours on my waistline.

So thinking about April I also know its National Stress Awareness Month, this is to raise awareness of the negative impact of stress and it comes in many forms shapes and sizes.

I too get stressed with 4 kids, a salon to run and being a wife, it can get a bit too much. I’m already stressing on what to do with the kids over the 2 weeks Easter holidays, thinking how to entertain them and not break the bank at the same time. Great thing I have their dad to help out, he’s so hands on with them that it’s brilliant as he helps takes some of the stress away.

What do you guys do during the Easter break?

For the first time this year we took our bikes out and went around the area. It’s great exercise for the kids and we get to see some really beautiful parts of Northampton. There’s so many places I want to explore around so if you see me on the road with my gang behind me don’t forget to say hi!

Now about the salon, if you do get 1 hour to yourself pop in for some pampering with our beautician Ellise who is fully qualified and is great with massages! Treat yourself to a range of massages from deep tissue, aromatherapy, hot stone and indian head massage, so take that time out you have been meaning to from your day to relax and unwind. Having ‘me-time’ allows you to reconnect, rejuvenate and pamper yourself.

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Thanks for reading!
Mai x