This trending technique is increasingly popular with everyone talking about it, and with very good reason. The Gel Bottle, Builder in a Bottle™ also referred to as BIAB™ is a type of soft gel that increases the nails flexibility meaning brittle nails are much less likely to snap.

Because it’s a soft gel, builder gel is easily removed with a soak off, whereas acrylic and hard gel needs to be filed to be removed.

The great thing about BIAB™ is that it’s also breathable, this is used on your natural nails to nourish, strengthen and promote nail growth. On the plus side it’s also vegan and cruelty-free!

They come in a range of super popular nude colours which can be used alone or with our extensive range of gel polish colours that we have.

BIAB™ is perfect for clients with weak natural nails who want to grow them out, whether they bite their nails or who want the strength of extensions without the length. We recommend BIAB™ on natural nails as we find it’s great for clients who want to keep their natural length. For regular gel polish clients, we recommend switching to BIAB™ if you find that the gel polish removal process has weakened your natural nails.

BIAB™ will last around three to four weeks depending how fast your nails grow as everyone is different. Then it can be either soaked off and re-done, or infilled.

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